Cartoon City

Cartoon City

Cartoon City An eccentric billionaire buys the little town Apple Hills to fulfill his dream of living in the world of a 2D cartoon movie. Cartoon City It’s not looking good for Apple Hills, because Mr. Concrete has finally been caught for tax evasion and thrown in jail. So the concrete factory has been closed…

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Apple Hills Nice Ninja

Apple Hills

Apple Hills “Boredom is the root of all fun” The two boys Trafalgar and Pulver loves adventure. Unfortunately, they live in Apple Hills, a very small town, that is so insignificant and boring that it does not even exist on Google Maps. Forced by boredom the two boys have to come up with their own…

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Ellens ark

Ellen har mistet sin lillebror. Han faldt ned ad trappen. Man kan dø på langt vildere måder. Men man kan altså også dø helt hverdagsagtigt. Man dør lige meget af den grund. Ellen kom hjem fra skole på en ellers helt almindelig mandag. Hun åbnede døren ind til entréen, og så kom hun ikke længere.…

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Foreverly Friends - Ballade Banden

Foreverly Friends

Foreverly Friends “Foreverly Friends” is a tribute to diversity – and how to deal with it. “Foreverly Friends” is a comedy series for preschoolers about a group of five oddly matched friends who go on a new adventure every day. But each of them want to do it in their own way! And so, every…

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KaptajnBimse Nice Ninja

Captain Bimse

Captain Bimse An amazing adventure into a magical world 7 year old Anna has just returned home from a holiday at the summerhouse when she discovers that she has forgotten her beloved doll Sophie. Mom and Dad think it is too far to drive all the way back to the summerhouse just to get a…

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MarcoMacaco Nice Ninja

Marco Macaco

Marco Macaco Monkeys and a Giant Robot In his dreams, Marco Macaco is a cool cop solving major crimes – in fact, he is just a dedicated beach officer on a tropical island where nothing seems to happen. His hopes to win beautiful Lulu’s heart get shattered when charming Carlo arrives on the island to…

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Disco Worms

Sunshine Barry and the Disco Worms Disco will never be the same again It’s not easy to be Barry. An earthworm gets no respect. He lives at the bottom of the food chain. But one day, an old disco record turns his life upside down. Suddenly he sees before him his own destiny, the star…

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Shadow Animal Nice Ninja

Shadow Animal

The Shadow Animal About living on the edge in a suburban gang environment, trying to find a way out The Shadow Animal tells the story of ten-year-old Dennis who longs to be reunited with his father, whom he misses terribly. Dennis, and his older brother Johnny, share a tiny magical creature known as the ‘Shadow…

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Willbot Nice Ninja

Will Bot

Will-Bot “Friend or Foe” “Friend or Foe?”   WILL-BOT is a robot that lives alone on a small planet. He is afraid of everything, although not much happens on his little planet. He patrols every day and keeps the cameras operational. One day a dark spaceship lands on the planet and a dangerous looking giant…

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The Medal

Marco Macaco “The Medal” The Story: Marco is called up to the president’s palace to receive a medal. Anyway, that’s is what Marco is thinking but the president has some other things in mind. “The Marco Macaco short” is a non-verbal slap-stick short based on the universe from the MARCO MACACO feature film. Short Story,…

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