Captain Bimse

An amazing adventure into a magical world

KaptajnBimse Nice Ninja

7 year old Anna has just returned home from a holiday at the summerhouse when she discovers that she has forgotten her beloved doll Sophie.

Mom and Dad think it is too far to drive all the way back to the summerhouse just to get a doll, but for Anna it is the worst thing that have ever happened.

Luckily, Captain Bimse and his 2nd pilot Goggeletten comes to the rescue and together they take off in a yellow aeroplane to find Sophie.

On their way, magical things happens. They fly into the universe and touch the stars and they visit the stingy Count of the Sandcastle. They meet the world's most lonely guy who is so lonely that no one misses him. And they  walk into the magical forest where they are afraid to get lost. But together they manage to find the summerhouse and Sophie and get home safely.

Feature film, 80 min. Preschool kids

Released Juni 27th 2019

Directors and scriptwriters: Kirsten Skytte and Thomas Borch Nielsen

Based on the book by Bjarne Reuter