Cartoon City

An eccentric billionaire buys the little town Apple Hills to fulfill his dream of living in the world of a 2D cartoon movie.

Cartoon City
Cartoon City - Apple Hills Nice Ninja
Cartoon City - Apple Hills Nice Ninja
Cartoon City - Apple Hills Nice Ninja

Cartoon City

It's not looking good for Apple Hills, because Mr. Concrete has finally been caught for tax evasion and thrown in jail. So the concrete factory has been closed down. Which is a disaster since pretty much all of the town's adults worked there.

This means that the city is about to go bankrupt. So what should they do?

But when things look darkest, an eccentric billionaire appears and offers to buy the whole town and employ all its citizens - as cartoon characters.

The billionaire loves cartoons. So much, so that he doesn't think watching cartoons on television is enough - he wants to live in the world of a cartoon.

That is, all the citizens have to take part in a large role-playing game around the clock, which aims to create the illusion of living in a cartoon.

Desperate, the residents of Apple Hills say yes to the strange proposal and soon they are all dressed up as various cartoon animals.

Trafalgar is given the role of a frog and must only eat things with his tongue. Powder must be a fly.

Everyone is only allowed to eat popcorn and candyfloss as it feels more cartoonish.

A sound man sits high up in a tower with speakers, and makes fun sound effects for everything that happens in the city.

And they have trained small birds to fly around one head, if someone hurts themself.

The adults think it's very silly, but they play along because they need to have a job.

But the kids think it's fantastic. What could be more fun than living in a cartoon?

But the billionaire is slowly becoming more and more dictatorial in his eagerness to make the city as cartoonish as possible.

So now the citizens are only allowed to do things like in a cartoon.

So, for example, they are not allowed to go to the toilet, because you don’t do that in cartoons. 

And everyone has to walk with a flap over one eye, so that you only see things in 2D.

And when the billionaire suddenly gets the idea that Trafalgar should eat Pulver, since frogs in cartoons love to eat flies, it isn't funny anymore.

They have to do something before it goes completely wrong.

The two friends sneak into the closed cement factory and get the machines set up so that they produce Tipp-ex correction ink. You know, the white fluid applied to paper to mask errors in text.

In the dead of night, the two friends "delete" the entire cartoon town, so that when the billionaire wakes up, his cartoon town has suddenly "disappeared".

Depressed, he drives away in his limousine.

And now all the city's residents can come forward and all is well again.

However, there is a small problem. Trafalgar has also "deleted" all the money they got from the billionaire, so now they can't find them again.

2D Animated Feature Film

Director: Lowe Haak

Producer Thomas Borch Nielsen

Original idea by Lowe Haak