Apple Hills

"Boredom is the root of all fun"

Apple Hills Nice Ninja

The two boys Trafalgar and Pulver loves adventure. Unfortunately, they live in Apple Hills, a very small town, that is so insignificant and boring that it does not even exist on Google Maps. Forced by boredom the two boys have to come up with their own ideas of how to get just a little bit of entertainment into their lives which sends them on wild and weird adventures that they cannot completely control.


The Concept:

“Apple Hills” is a tribute to odd and lovable outsiders – a “Rick and Morty” for kids, if you like. The key word for the visual style of the project is ‘simplicity’. The series has its own, very recognisable 2D animation style where feelings, gags and stories come to life in simple black, hand-drawn lines. The visual simplicity of “Apple Hills” places the characters and story in the centre and makes the whole production light and flexible, freeing up creative energy for crazy ideas and visual gags. In addition to the TV series, we are currently working on expanding the Apple Hills universe to the platforms used daily by our target audience, i.e. Instagram, YouTube and gaming platforms.



Animated Comedy TV Series 20 x 5 min

Commissioned by DR

Director: Lowe Haak

Producer Thomas Borch Nielsen

Original idea by Lowe Haak